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About the St Louis Quality Assurance Association

Background The idea of starting the St. Louis Quality Assurance Association (STLQAA) was born because of the need of having a place and time to gather with colleagues of software quality in the area, and was also inspired by the activities of the previous association.

Founders The founders of the STLQAA are all certified CSTE and/or CSQA and their combined experience is the greatest value for this group.

The STLQAA counts on the experience of one of the chairpersons who participated in the previous association.


Next Meeting is on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time: 5 PM-8:00PM

Location:  635 Maryville Centre Drive

Town and Country, MO 63143

Room:  Lower Level by Cafeteria




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The Software Testing Ecosystem

Ecosystem - a community of organisms together with their physical environment, viewed as a system of interacting and interdependent relationships.


As software quality professionals, if we view testing through a monocular lens seeing only the tactical activities of writing test plans, creating test cases, executing test scripts, or recording defects, the most important success factor will be overlooked, the software testing ecosystem. Like any thriving ecosystem, a thriving testing ecosystem requires balanced interaction and interdependence.


During the presentation, Mr. Ticknor will define the components of a successful software testing ecosystem. Like the often cited project management metaphor of the three-legged stool of people, process, and technology, if one leg is missing, the stool will not fulfill its objective.  Creating balanced symbiotic relationships of the right organizational policies, procedures, culture, attitudes, skills, tools and environment will ensure your Ecosystem is healthy.



Thomas Ticknor, CSQA, CSTE, CMST, CSBA


Mr. Ticknor has over 34 years of experience in IT software development and quality. He has a wide range of experience including management of product design teams, development teams, software QA and testing departments. Mr. Ticknor has been training and consulting in the field of software testing and quality for the past 18 years.

Mr. Ticknor is a keynote speaker and presenter at testing and quality conferences, software development trade conferences and has spoken both in the U.S. and internationally.  Mr. Ticknor has been a guest lecturer at universities in the U.S., Belarus, India and China.

Mr. Ticknor is the Chief Operating Officer for QAI overseeing the daily operations of the Institute’s global activities.  Before joining QAI, Mr. Ticknor held executive level positions with software development companies in Boston, Massachusetts USA and Orlando, Florida USA.




Driving Directions

Directions to Apex 

From 40 West, take the Maryville Centre Exit (It will be the exit after Mason Road).  Turn right at the light to continue on to Maryville Centre Drive (you will pass a Marriot on the left) and the road will then wind to the left. As you complete the curve, you will see our building to the right. Enter the driveway and take a quick left towards the parking lot located to the left/back side of the building 

From 40 East, take the 141 exit and go straight through the light (Like you are getting back onto 40) but stay in the right lane to stay on South Outer 40.  Turn left at the light (Maryville Centre Drive) and then go straight through the light to remain on Maryville Centre Drive. You will pass a Marriot on the left and the road will then wind to the left. As you complete the curve, you will see our building to the right. Enter the driveway, and you will see a parking lot on the right.  Park anywhere, and head in the main entrance 

Once you are inside, take the elevator down to the Lower Level.  Exit the elevator, and go left.  Continue until you see the cafeteria, the room will be on the left side as you are entering.



QAI Global Institute

The QAI Global Institute, formerly known as Quality Assurance Institute, was founded in 1980 in the United States of America. QAI's founding objective was and remains to provide leadership in improving quality, productivity, and effective solutions for process management in the information services profession. It is a worldwide membership organization serving over 1000 corporate members, organized to share state-of-the-art methods, tools, and techniques. Combined experience of QAI experts and their member companies provides an impressive body of knowledge, a reservoir for their members to share. QAI has transformed this knowledge and experience into a "how-to" approach that is being taught worldwide.

QAI takes pride in being one of the first professional organizations to recognize the need for quality assurance and to have the vision to be exclusively devoted to the information technology profession. QAI provides leadership and state-of-the-art solutions in the form of consulting, education and training services, and assessments.

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